About Pim

I am a food lover, a fan of good living, beautiful houses, Jo Malone perfume and lifestyle traveling. After my love of family comes my love of photography.  I  love to photograph only two things:  beauty and love.

I am a film photographer, ninety percent of my personal and professional work is shot on analog film.  I am in love with the look of film images, there is just something so special about it that can not be quantified or described but when you see it then you understand.  I love film because it helps me to capture my subject in the most beautiful way possible.  My most favorite medium format film cameras are Contax 645 and Rolleiflex (1966), it is 50 years old and still performs beautifully.

My story

I started this career from the pure love and passion in taking photos. From a hobbyist to a professional photographer, my romance with photography never changes. The sunrise photos with fellow photographers still excite me. The sunset cloud still makes me climb to the roof with the favorite cameras. With the overwhelmingly busy schedule, I still run a photography class for my seven years old son and his friends every Sunday. My heart is still pounding when receiving good film scan from the lab. Of course, I still get flushed with the immense joy when I could capture one of the most meaningful moments of someone's life. 

And this romance is to be continued.


Favorites Things