All my sessions are personalised to your needs and I shoot most of my sessions with medium format anaglog film either with the Hasselblad or Contax 645.

It is my choice and intention to provide high quality of service and heirloom products that are meant to last for to the future generation. All the Hahnemuhle archival prints are made by fine art ink jet and each picture was hand cut with care.  The presentation boxes are made of pure linen and silkstrap. I want to make the receiver feel like they are holding a treasure box not just a box for pictures. Once you made a choice to have me as your photographer, I willl take you through the whole process of this special creation together. 

If you are not familiar with analog photography, please find out more information from the below section.   

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. 


What are your pricing?


My package starts from $9,000. Please contact me for latest offer.




Why are you shooting with film? Not digital like everyone else?


I am in love with analog film images. Film has distinctive look and feel- an incredible color palette and tangible softness. Ninty percent of my sessions are shot with medium format cameras, these camera produce fine art quality of imagery.Shooting with film allows me to achieve the level of photography I would like to attain. It gives me a lot more satisfaction in terms of results as well as the development as a photographer.



We really admire your work but we are not familiar with a film session, as a client what do we get after the photoshoot?


After the photoshoot All film will be sent to process and scan into digital files at one of the best film labs in United States. These high resolution JPEG files are fantastic for fine art large prints.  Each digital files will be personally edited and retouched to create a final look.

5 Weeks after photoshoot You will be receiving online proofing gallery which can be viewed and shared for 3 months you can also use this opportunity to take orders for prints, albums, and any of the other unique keepsakes I offer.

8 Weeks after photoshoot All prints will be delivered.



What makes your photos unique?


I belive in quality over the quantity, every session, we aim to create the photo session that is unique.  I consult our clients and discuss about their wish and expectations. We go through everything from the locations to the outfit. For the indoor sessions, a client can send a video clip of their house so that I can create a storyboard in advance.




We are very camera shy and do not know how to pose, do you have any suggestions?


We are not models, and we are all camera shy, me included. I put a lot of importance to the making process. The intention is to create the whole experience, only when the subjects are comfortable , then we would be able to capture them in the most natural way. We talk and we laugh a lot during the shoot, it helps our clients to relax and just look themselves.



Where are the locations of the photoshoot?


Most of the family and maternity sessions are shot outdoors. All newborn sessions are shot at the clients house. Link to our beautiful outdoor locations.



What are your policy in terms of inclement weather and re-scheduling?


In case of inclement weather outdoor sessions will be re-scheduled , normally there are rooms to move sessions around as we only accept  maximum 3 sessions per week.  Under the normal circumstance, only one time re-scheduling is allowed, there will be $500 extra charge for the subsequent re-scheduling



Any additional information?


Bookings are not confirmed until the non-refundable deposit is made

Please complete the outstanding on the day of photoshoot

Cash, cheque and bank transfer are accepted.

No unedited files presented or provided in any circumstances

All rates are non- negotiable.

If  you wish not to have any of your photos appear on our portfolio website, kindly let me know.

Contact me