About Pim Photography

Hong Kong Professional Photographer

I am a food lover, a fan of good living, beautiful houses, Jo Malone perfume and lifestyle traveling. After my love of family comes my love of photography.  I  love to photograph only two things:  beauty and love. My foremost goal of each portrait photography session is to create a collection of images that show bonding and love between between my subjects with honesty and beauty.

I am  a film photographer, ninety percent of my personal and professional work are shot by film.  I am in love with the look of film images, there is just something so special about it that can not be quantified or described but when you see it then you understand.  I love film because it helps me to capture my subject in the most beautiful way possible.  My most favourite medium format film cameras are Contax 645 and Rolleiflex (1966), it is 50 years old and still performs beautifully.

I started my career as a photographer from the pure love and passion in taking photos.  This journey have brought me to different places,  to the unexpected path, opportunities and people.  Everyday, every photo session, I am always feel grateful. Majority of my clients come to me by word of mouth. I feel proud and honoured. I see the process of creating as important as producing a great result. For my clents, it is the best time of their life and I want them to enjoy every bit of this journey. There is a lot of intimacy in family photography. Every photo session, I offer a personalised service, from choosing the right outfits, addressing thier concerns pre and post natal, soothing the newborns to choosiing the canvas prints for the house. Family photography is a long term relationship. You are watching your clients’ family grow. And when they keep coming back to you even got you to photograph them in another country, it is truly rewarding.

I would love to meet you and your love ones on this exciting journey.